• Secrets of the truth  - The SOFTCOVER book - Printed in the USA!!!

 Secrets of the truth  - The SOFTCOVER book

Why buy this NOW - This is an extremely limited offer -

Reason 1:

ONLY A VERY FEW COPIES available directly from the author!!!

Reason 2:

According to South African law:-  As long as the sales turnover is below R1 million per annum we don't have to charge VAT...so we don't charge VAT until further notice. 

Why am I selling this book: 
These funds will assist in realizing CHUMSA  projects:

Local (South African) publishing of Secrets of the truth.

Create a presentation platform (audio-visual) with the hope of creating "commercial value "  from the activity,  simultaneously creating an opportunity for the sharing of concepts such as democracy  principles, the global world and how we fit into the bigger picture.


***I have always imagined this to be the starting point for the "public interaction" of CHUMSA principles.

Example: Do good quality video/sound recordings of religious services (church) or even sport activities and present it online (website) for further interaction (Nowadays Youtube can fill this role perfectly). But more importantly; Before/after the service we ask for a 15 minute inter-action with the congregation/spectators.

See a sample of what type of content we hope to share here.

The password is: "Presentation1" and opens in a new window

(This was done on my ancient laptop so as can be seen/ heard we need the correct equipment to get the quality  to an acceptable level)   

The first commercial project in the pipeline:  Manufacture cleaning products with the hope to achieve the following: 

  1. Employment creation for a local community (The base).
  2. Distribution/ marketing done via "Community Care Based  Organisations"  

How far are we: Already purchased is the the recipes and basic machinery for R60 000 .

To do:

  1. Upgrade of the equipment to a commercially competitive standard.
  2. Still need to find a way for transport.
  3. Purchase of start raw material 
  4. Plan and purchase of distribution format - Bottles or possibly special types of containers. 
  5. Initial location: I do not mind starting from my garage.

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Secrets of the truth - The SOFTCOVER book - Printed in the USA!!!

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