Special sensitivities project

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Book related references requiring special attention including re-doing whatever is necessary for our own understanding.

Special gifts program where we further explore and utilise peoples gifts.

I really don't care to prove if special gifts exist or not...just use them.


For a project like this we select a champion and if required a team,. Create a public platform of interaction. Listing of credible cases and further investigations

Out of body experience (Near death experience)

Healing hands


Extra-terrestrial activity

Is this happening in hotspots of the world or are some of us just not aware enough to notice activity, or maybe we simply have no organised platform to journal our experiences. We need to change that

Animal mutilation..

Design 50%

I am going to catch this rubbish that kill our cattle so ugly. I don't care if he is alien or not but it has to stop. We can give them dead cows for inspection.

We need some sort of fund to install trackers on all animals where prior and frequent mutilations occur. A response agenda between farmers, community and technology.

It seems the technology used by the USA government is useless. It cannot track flying objects or even objects that deviates from their expected positions.

We need to start a fund to install a civilian based tracking system to give the poor people of the USA the best chance of survival when the shit hits the fan for them. The politicians of that country have so many enemies -from UFOs to other world governments. Their politicians are really screwing them with war games which can only end up in a terrible disaster.

Special peoples program (I list a few below) and special gifts


It is not about debunking it because all such occurrences can probably have its moments of doubt...but the credence is confirmed by many sources. Acknowledge our special gifts people and have a platform for further discovery.

Theresa Neumann

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