Why is this book sold?

To fund projects....

Chumsa is an acronym for a dream called:

"Centre for HUManity South Africa".

Which will grow into:

"Centre for HUManityS  Africa".

Which will grow into:

"Centre for HUManitie All".


It's prime directives are:

  • Education and mobilization of democracies.

  • Mobilization and exposure of commercial enterprises the dis-empowered and the disenfranchised...with the goal to create a new hope...a new dispensation of generations who takes responsibility for their own lively hoods.

If that sound complicated then the simple version is: I have never exercised my right as a democratic citizen of the world to let it be known that I hate wars.

I have never exercised my democratic right as a citizen of this world to take responsibility as a man for the well-being of our women and our children.

I have never exercised my right as a citizen of this world to preach a truth revealed to me, a truth of freedom with the power to liberate every human being on this planet.

And please, do not make the mistake of associating the democracy I refer to as the system of men, no, it is a Godly responsibility for each and everyone to live up to being a created being, equal to all.

And since I know nothing about these things I am led to believe that economic power makes a big difference in peoples lives, so that is where we start.

Might anyone think this is a pipe dream..then read the book and judge for yourself...if it is a viable or reasonable quest, for I am sure you will know better then me.

Thank you.


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