Why are we here?

Why are we here...What could possibly be the purpose of life...is there any rationale behind it?

Since the science of everything is so important in the modern age lets approach the question by establishing principles that one can qualify as facts.

Principle 1: The basic definition of life:

  1. It does not exist…

  2. It starts with conception…always through parenthood establishing a lineage. And this is subject to evolution.

  3. Awareness: It manifests in a body capable of generating the existence. This condition is subject to a recipe which must always be honoured in order to survive. *Awareness is in the context of the capability to qualify the recipe to survive.

  4. It does not exist…

Principle 1 conclusion:

The phases of life consist of:

Non existence… an entry point(birth), a processing phase (Controlled awareness coupled with action) and an exit point(death)…. non-existence.


Principle 2: Universal interdependency:

Everything that exists in the universe is the result of the “sum of all things”. Everything constitutes the building blocks of different layers.

Everything in existence cannot exist alone. From the smallest possible constituent to the largest body in the universe…nothing can exist as a sovereign.

Nothing can be removed or added, even though – all things are subject to change into different substances or energies.

Life within the universe has got another layer or dimension of existence. Life has an animated dimension to it which requires energy and action to survive.

All life is also inter-dependent as a separate layer. From the smallest creatures to the largest monsters – each fulfils a function in an ecosystem (a balanced synergy)

The action or non-action of any life form always affects all others. The survival of one lifeform always determines the state of another. This is true from individual levels right up to species levels.

Principle 2: Conclusion. All matter is inter-dependant on another but they have no action of their own. Life, on the other hand, has its own level of inter-dependent existence. Each lifeform is responsible for its own and the environment around it by their own actions.


Principle 3: Universal intelligence:

The universe runs on a set of laws: - Constituents can be converted into different forms of existence but the sum of things cannot be changed and all change or evets are triggered and controlled by a universal law.

Principle 3: conclusion. The universe is based on change and that change is governed by predefined laws and rules. The state of matter is driven by the dynamics of chance and coincidence. All lifeforms, on the other hand, has an additional layer one can ascribe to “a free will”, where the being has a “mind of its own” and actions from this determines its survival but even more importantly, the state of their environment and their offspring.

In case you thought only mankind is subject to this responsibility, you are wrong. The lions in the wild can also decide to hunt the whole day and kill off all their prey…because they can.


Principle 4: - Evaluation of life.

A good place to start with such a topic is at the end, that is, when we die.

If one dies at birth shall we say what a great loss?

Or at life's end - 110 years old -  "That was a great blessing?

Or one is born sickly and dies 7 years of age we say:- "What a sorry state of affairs that was...just as well".

What if one that was born with a feeble mind not capable of any reasoning - at least from our point of view - Shall we say:- "What a burden that must be?' 

What if we die in war? Can we say: "He was brave and died for his country or a cause"

Or maybe one dies to save another’s life we can say: "What a hero he was"

Or maybe in judgement of another, we might say: "Ahh, what a failed life"

And for the more "It was his decision" control freaks.

And the more mundane: For most of us, we are born, we sleep, drink, eat, contemplate (if that is what we do with our minds), we do activities for food, shelter and lately safety, security and even plan for a doomed future) - then we die (although there are those working on the possibility of extended life) but for the most part: this is what we do...and then we die.

The action of lifeforms determines the outcome for all descendants. An example is with the abilities of modern techno man the condition of the wold can greatly be affected by our actions thereby determining the “experience” of all future life.

Principle 4 conclusion:

In this world, previous existences do not affect the “essence of life” for any existing generation, but the inheritance of the “experience of a generation” is the result of the predecessor’s actions.


Principle 5: The evaluation of life.

Are we here to be measured by our accomplishments between one another and for contributions to humanity?

Could our successes and/or failures be a gauge to determine our accomplishments thereby serving as a test of some sort?

Hopefully, you know Mr Johannes Gutenberg’s - he died poor and insignificant...

Hopefully, you know Mr Tesla - he died poor and insignificant...

Hopefully, you know Mr Jesus Christ - He died poor and insignificant...

Could one say the greater the impact one has in life the greater your life was?

Could one say by materialistic success one can honour a life worth living?

Could one say by virtue of selfless giving one lived a life greater than another?

If the judgement of others was the gauge by which we can say we had a great life then it all comes to nought at the end of it all for we all die and so does the memories of what was. Given enough time this "life as we know it” will also come to pass into oblivion.

It does not matter how great the first human was…we have no clue who or what he was, so it is immaterial how important we deem ourselves to be.

Each and every one of us has been gifted a unique gift which in all eternity will never be repeated.

Let that sink in first...You are now and will never ever, in all eternity, be again.

Even if you became a God yourself and so gifted it for you to exist again...it will never be you at this moment with the package gifted you in this time and space...it will never ever be again.

Principle 5 conclusion:

To the inhabitants of this world…life’s importance is immaterial, but for some reason, life’s design as per individual is unique. It is a fingerprint where only ONE person can be deemed accountable for that life lived.

For some reason, your individual responsibility is paramount for a reason we don’t understand yet.


Principle 6: By design:

Each and every one of us is gifted with a "reality”, Each living entity is gifted an engine to interphase into this world creating the reality we find ourselves in. Uniquely and on its own merits (within its limitations) that reality engine materialises life around us.

For us, that engine is the brain.

Our imagery of life is conjured up by a biological entity (the brain), That reality cannot be shared by anyone, it is totally and completely a generated imagery for YOU and ONLY you.

Principle 6 conclusion:

Very much the same as an actor, that we are - but the actual YOU can never be part of the cast in the film...no one can experience the real YOU or participate with the real YOU, that belongs to ONLY YOU: - YOUR UNIQUE SELF


Principle 7: The size of the Universe

If what science has led us to believe so far…it seems there is way too much energy expanded just for me.

Why all this vast amount of energy...all this effort, all this design and resources required, just to make sure the universe runs on the fuel it runs on, to provide a haven for all to exist in this reality (Which is what this question is all about - I did not ask why ALL exist - I only asked why we exist? So please note this and do not forget it.)

But this is it: I am part of it...whatever it is that brought this "fabric for existence" saw fit for my unique existence. Whether the designer is a sentient type entity or an accidental source of destruction and creation - that is immaterial. I am here.

There must be more to it than just me. It must mean it is all about making time and space possible rather than to make life and me possible. It must mean I am the product of a mission I cannot imagine.

The plankton in the sea...

The life of an ant...

The 24 hours a fly might have lived...

The globetrotting whale in the ocean...

A tree in the forest...

A lone grain of sand on the beach...

A lethal comet travelling in space...

A singular ray of radiation emanating from the sun's spectacular processes...

A singular ray of light from an exploding star light-years away and many lifetimes ago...

A splendorous universe in seemingly chaotic and simultaneous synchronous motion.

Guess what - there cannot be one without the other... we are all intrinsically connected...by design.

Principle 7 conclusion:

As spectacularly grand the universe is…as vast as it is… You are here… but you are not JUST HERE…ONLY you exist in YOUR reality. Not even God shares your reality for He does not have your brain. Is that above imagination or what!!!

But this blows the mind TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY – This sharing of this idea, this imagination, this my thought to your thought link…Nothing else in this whole universe can share it the way you rationalise and experience the thoughts and emotions as it permeates through your thought processes...culminating in a final emotion of objection or agreement in your mind.


If there is a God - not even HE knows and understands it the way you do. ONLY YOU KNOW THIS!!!!

And that my friend is no accident, for THAT is the quintessential clue to why we are here.


Principle 8: Evolution:

All life (or let's be more specific) the bodies in which we find ourselves - is subjectively and objectively subject to evolution(change).

This change constitutes its abilities and capacities.

Within its capabilities, it can change according to an inexplicable blueprint allotted to each species.

Though all the lifeforms are equal in all respects…human being has been gifted another layer of a rational mind.

From all the capabilities in this world, there is no other being bestowed the gift of rationalising (questioning) his actions.

Contemplating his past, his present and the future.

Human being has been gifted a special higher level of intellectual intelligence.

Human beings can conceptualise the laws of nature, interrogate it, evaluate.

Human being has been gifted the art of reinventing the universe and condition(change) it according to our own image.

Human beings are all born with a question of existence in their heart, in their minds and in their spirit.

A divine principle: Human beings have the capacity to recognise the hand of God.

And so, finally...why do we exist?

Does one still need to answer a question so obvious and clear to the understanding?

The answer you know even before we started this one-sided conversation with your spirit…Maybe what you really wanted to ask was …what does HE want from me?


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