Why are we here?

Why are we here...What can be the purpose of life?

N.B:You be the judge of this: I got up...drafted the first draft on this topic...straight as it was gifted from the spirit...then the blog engine stopped working and I accidentally deleted the database completely...way out of character...but I deleted the original draft completely.

I guess it was not to be...so what you are reading now is more from the mind then from the spirit. Never the less, the message stays the same. 

Anyway back to the question of:- For what possible reason do we exist...is there any rationale behind it?

Allow me to first ask some basic questions, the purpose is to lay a foundation as to the purpose.

Principle 1: - In its own individual context - it means nothing.

If one dies at birth shall we say what a great loss?

Or at life's end - 110 years old -  "That was a great blessing?

Or one is born sickly and dies at 7 years of age we say:- "What a sorry state of affairs that was...just as well".

What if one that was born with a feeble mind not capable of any reasoning - at least from our point of view - Shall we say:- "What a burden that must be?' 

And for the more "It was his decision" control "freaks"...

Or maybe in judgement of a homeless person we say: "Ahh, what a failed life"

What if you die in war? Can we say: "He was brave and died for his country or a cause"

Or maybe one dies to save another life and we say: "A hero he was"

If, at the age of 18, you were imprisoned for life...So we can say:- Look how he failed in life.

And the more mundane:

Most of us just get born, we live (whatever it takes - we are born, we sleep,  drink and eat, contemplate(if that is what we do with our minds), we do activities for food, shelter and lately safety, security and even plan for a doomed future) - then we die (although there are those working on the possibility of extended life) but for the most part: this is what we do...and then we die.

Done and dusted.

Principle 1 conclusion:

Life "IS", and then its gone.


or maybe...

Principle 2: We are here as a measure of our accomplishments between one another and for contributions to the future of humanity...good or bad.

Maybe we are here to be judged by our accomplishment or by virtue of our accomplishments.

Could our successes be the gauge to determine if why we are here not - like a test of some sort?

Hopefully you know Mr. Johannes Gutenberg’s - he died poor and insignificant...

Hopefully you know Mr. Tesla - he died poor and insignificant...

Hopefully you know Mr. Jesus Christ - He died poor and insignificant...

Could one say the greater the impact one has in life the greater your life was?

Could one say by materialistic success one can honour a life worth living.

Could one say by virtue of selfless giving one lived a life greater then another.

If the judgement of others was the gauge by which we can say we had a great life then it all comes to nought at the end of it all for we all die and so does the memories of what was. In fact given enough time this "life as we know it will also come to pass into oblivion.

So why care?

Unless offcourse in the higher or bigger scope of things - the things we cannot sense and feel or perceive - the so called "after" and "before" me, it might be of greater importance how you judge yourself or the judgement might be based on a yard stick much higher then the values within this life.

And the question becomes: Mmm...We are all animals trying to survive in a very hostile and demanding environment...What do you expect? 

Principle 2 conclusion:

The bottom line is:- It does not matter how others perceive your life to be or even how you perceive your life to be in terms of worth - it simply means nothing.

But this is the thing...a most important thing: Each and everyone of us have been gifted a unique gift which in all eternity will never be repeated...

Let that sink in first...You are now and will never ever, in all eternity, be again.

Even if you became a God yourself and so gifted it for you to exist again...it will never be you at this moment with the package gifted you in this time and space...it will never ever be again.


Principle 3: By design -

One thing is for sure: - We are not here because of our own intentions.

We are not here because we designed it with our own feeble minds.

So if it is so that we did not design life then sure as hell we cannot be the judge of why we are here.

I must still meet the human that would have designed THIS life with all its misery, grief and toil and strife - Yes, and all the antonyms that goes with it all.

We are not the designers of life therefore we cannot be the judges of life ultimately we cannot be capable of the answer to the question of why we are here...

but we can try...we can aspire to look into ourselves for there is where the greatest clue lies as to why we are here...there is no other place to look.

It is my prediction that if you had any hope to find the answer to the scope and purpose of life in the realm of investigative science looking through the microscope you will be sorely disappointed.

I have seen it in my minds eye the closest "current human science" will get to the answer is the same as a formula written on the sand on the beach and one has to find it somewhere in space and time...

Even more so - the formula of creation is exactly that...a once - off formula written in the sand and it spawned all into the grandiose reality we are experiencing the luxury off.

I highlight the words of emphatic importance.

To me, the "mechanics" of "material reality" is based on - in essence - an infinite multi-version what I can only equate to what scientist interpret as "mathematics" - which is a finite small "version" of the real truth of existence - a one dimension macro-window into the thing I call "materialistic reality".

What is "Material(istic) reality"” :- That what we can fathom - that what we can interpret and discover - that what we can "think to be".

It gets worse: - Each and every "fathoming" of this reality - in other words each and every mind capable to "fathom" any aspect of this material reality from a mathematical - and probably any point of view - uniquely, and on its own merits(for each and every brain) "materialises" (as it appears) by the biological brain and its limitations - then if this "fathomed-materialisation" is "materialised / shared into this reality" it takes on a "personality character" of its own cloaked with all the pre-conceptions, inhibitions and imaginations generated in the mind/brain.

So now we have an idea of the mechanics of reality - What does it mean:

No-one can then argue the fact that what we sense is only but a product of what our mind/brain conjures up and the only thing that counts is our experience of it for no-one else can share my reality and I cannot share another's reality as it appears in the mind.

We can share the result of it all...

We can co-exist in the same film of reality...that we can do...but that is as close as it gets.

Principle 3 conclusion: Very much the same as an actor, that we are - but the actual YOU can never be part of the cast in the film...no one can experience the real YOU or participate with the real YOU, that belongs to ONLY YOU: - YOUR UNIQUE SELF.



I so hope that in this/my lifetime there would be an opportunity to prove what I suspect:- That the real YOU does not speak any "language" - at least not the linguistic based language. in fact language by its very nature is and has become one of "conditions" causing the barricading of SELF such that I cannot feel and experience myself.

In fact, I suspect that the real YOU has been ousted out of the driving seat a long time ago by various mechanisms of the same nature as linguistic abilities. (If you know Genesis you should be able to grasp the depth of this notion, and the deeper you understand Genesis the more this particular message will reveal its context to your mind)

but that is a topic for another day...as I said.

I do wonder, at this stage, has anyone come to the same conclusion about life following the above train of thought...


Principle 4: So much energy expanded just for me?

Why all this vast amount of energy...all this effort, all this design and resources required, just to make sure the universe runs on the fuel it runs, to provide a haven for all to exist in this reality (Which is what this question is all about - I did not ask why ALL exist - I only asked why we exist? So please note this and do not forget it.)

There must be more to it then just me. It must mean it is all about making time and space possible rather then to make life and me possible. It must mean I am only the product of a mission I cannot imagine.

But this is it: I am part of it...whatever it is that designed this "fabric for existence" saw fit for my unique existence. Whether the designer is a sentient type entity or an accidental source of destruction and creation - that is immaterial. I am here.

But it gets worse: Every action or non- action committed ultimately generates a certain unique destiny - the future of this creation. Whether I died at birth or I was responsible for the demise of humanity or even obliteration of the universe...it is all the same...time will pass and we all die.

The plankton in the sea...

The life of an ant...

The 24 hours a fly might have lived...

The globe trotting whale in the ocean...

A tree in the forest...

A lone grain of sand on the beach...

A lethal comet travelling in space...

A singular ray of radiation emanating from the sun's spectacular processes...

A singular ray of light from a exploding star light years away and many of my life times ago...

A splendorous universe in seemingly chaotic and simultaneous synchronous motion.

Guess what - there cannot be one without the other... we are all intrinsically connected...by design.

But this is what will blow your mind TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY - Nothing else in this whole universe knows that this is happening as we speak...no other entity knows of the mechanics of life and reality as you know it now. NOTHING ELSE KNOWS THIS - ONLY YOU!

If there is a God - not even HE knows and understand it the way you do. ONLY YOU KNOW THIS!!!!

And that my friend is no accident, for THAT is the quintessential clue to why we are here.

Let me say this again:

Principle 4 conclusion: If there is a God - not even HE knows and understand it the way you do. ONLY YOU KNOW AND UNDERSTAND IT THIS WAY!!!!

And that my friend is no accident. It is the quintessential clue as to why we are here.

*See the principle of the blanket effect.


And so, finally...why do we exist?

Without taking cognisance as to its nature, its origins, its mechanics, its final destination...this life is.

What no one can argue,...whether it goes against the grain of a belief system, some scholarly learned truth or some observed science...this life IS.

Life cannot be a mechanical biological entity or pathological accidental evolved mechanism...for if that was so then life cannot IS.

But there is no measurement for it therefore it does not exist for the scientist right? So lets put that straight.


There are different levels of existence - anything that IS in this reality exist. The base distinction for any element within the game is an entry point and an exit point for any state of any element. Nothing is sovereign.

*An element is the smallest distinguishable entity that exist in any form within the game.

These levels are not determined by a hierarchy but rather as a parallel as they are all complimentary - existence seizes in the absence of even one element.

but it also just so happens to be that within this existence lies a level of existence with the characteristics we call "life".

The difference with "life" is that it seems to have another dimension attached to it which can only be referred to as a "spark".

There is also a suspicion that this spark serves as a window to a different "scope of things" that cannot be "perceived" in this reality, so as, for a technical mind, to suspect it be a vehicle for externalities to experience this reality.

But then the formula gets all weird:- It seems that this "life's biology" has the potential to define it own "growth" nearly showing trends of evolutionary principles as found in the natural world.

Once I was in a conversation with my brother and as a conclusion we could not shake off this "tendency" for things to somehow come into existence when this life needs it to be. Either by a combination of things or by the wishing for it to be or by  imagination of things to be. Nearly like sci-fi written hundred years prior always come true. Anyway, it was just uncanny.

And thus the conclusion to it all:-

It is by no accident,

It is by no set of circumstances,

It is by no previously existed formula,

It is by no means by virtue of a creation that we are,

It is by no accident that we have time as a constraint and reality as the boundary,

It is by no accident that it all creates a platform for a performance complete with audience for, not just us, but all that exist...to be.

It is by no accident that you will one day watch from your window, your very own window your performance and for all eternity marvel at your life with pride or dismay as your partner...maybe stronger words should suffice but lets leave that be for your own imagination.

It is by no accident that the Bible calls it heaven and hell...Its just for the author of the day that was the only way to he could contextualise what he saw when a window was opened to him to observe the outcome and the ultimate purpose of life.

It is all about what you do with it. Just as simple as that.

Then my wifey rocks me back to this world..."Gary the food is ready",

As I enter the kitchen the aroma of the dish reaches my nose and as the dish come into view...wow that looks delicious...my favourite dish.

I instinctively reach out to steal a piece..."Hey",

"but"...I still want to say...

"Keep your fingers out of my food...wait for your own food". 

I look into her eyes and I think; can anyone really think this life is an accident...then she sneezes for she's got the flue and runs for a tissue.

As I enjoy the scrumptious food...taste like heaven!

I wonder - where is my daughter is in this world...gallivanting, living her own life...

If I designed this life you know...

I have a question.. In my opinion a much better question to ask though...

If each and every one of your tens of trillions of cells were to watch through their little windows the grand lives they lived...where do you fit in the picture?

If that lint worm that shares your resource with you - you feeding it all its life was watching through its little window, then where does it fit in the picture?

For they are as much alive as you are..you know that right?

In the bigger and broader scope of existence where do you fit in the picture of creation?

This is a much better question to ask compared to: "Why are we here?"

If each and every one of your tens of trillions of cells were to watch through their little windows the grand lives they lived...where do you fit in the picture?

If that lint worm that you were feeding all its life was watching through its little window, then where do you fit in the picture?

For they are as much alive as you are..you know that right?

You were never alone to begin with.

You might think you are a separate being but you are not and never was.

You might think you never were and now you are with the destination called death but that's not the whole story...it never was.

So we might perceive an entry point to be our birth...and the exit point to be our death, but it never was.

I don't think it requires explanation...does it?

I will explain it two fold then:

There once was an innocent being that simply existed. It simply lived the life as it was gifted...you get the picture?

It did not "conceptualise", it did not contemplate, it did not rationalise...it simply enjoyed the life in its own context.

And then came us...and with us came judgement.

If we are here by divine will or intervention,

or by the will of another "dimension" that saw fit to open our "eyes"

or by some natural phenomena (which of course what happened to us is nothing but natural) that triggered our condition...

Here we are.

Now for all previous and existing life forms excluding us the window is immaterial...

Why?...because their lives are always glorious and free on judgement.

Did we bring judgement upon ourselves - off course not...for this is an enlightened position...unnatural but enlightened it is.

So, for a technical mind, what exactly could this mean this mean?

Could that what we know as a molecule be judged?

Could that what we know as a cell be judged? Not as far as we know...No. Off course we shall never know.

Could the animals around us be judged. I must yet find a lion or a dog that "murdered" another for unnatural which in itself results in the where its conscience is disturbed. there are some of us who might think us a bit higher of animals but for simplicity sake we shall say we will never know...until then.

Could a virus be judged as evil?

What if I propose to state that a virus might just be the engine room for / of evolution...possibly the holy grail for the formula written in the sand?

What if the real elements of the gods lives in the nature of a virus,

Might I know this as a truth...No, its just in the context of a revelation.

And snakes, and spiders and so the list carries on.

I have not seen a spider pining away drowning its sorrows with alcohol because it cannot handle what it has become or what it has done...

Though I once saw a video of some monkey looking forward to the rotten amarulas...maybe that is something to consider...

But for the most part one cannot argue if a monkey is in control of the button that might shake the world off its axis.

Oh dear. I cleanly forgot:- The scholarly principles of evolution claims exactly that. Good thing I only went to school to standard six.

Lets then define it as a certain group of "animals" have been singled out to have "evolved" to a point of "how they are":

A psychological engine with the capability of judgement, a condition of integrity guided by a conscience and a clear mandate as to what it takes to be a successful human being

Very aware of their birth and death.

Acutely aware of existence and why it might be so...

The experiences of life - love, hate, music, art, fear, the holy and the evils of life,

Instinct and curiosity...

Adventure, achievement, success and failure.

And live with the knowledge of an ever present end...to kill it all...death.

And lately it has become a dance of survival at extinctual level from viruses to natural disasters to celestial bodies and much of it might be our own doing.

That is what makes us different, and for whatever reason or some "deserving factor" it is the condition we have been served with.

To think you are here by accident and then being served with this wonderful capacity to experience, to think and remember with all the other baggage that defines our lives - and all this comes from a wonderful accident, really makes me wonder about the "natural" state of that mind.


Let me begin to conclude the topic:

There will come a time when even science will acknowledge that "time" is not the definer of "TO BE" but only for what IS.

Maybe we can already introduce the scientist to the idea of "...to be"

What is it that defines this reality - its principles is time and space. Nothing else - well and matter as well, but I believe that is a variable in creation.

Now if this reality exists then there must be something which must a have resulted in the contextual creation of time and space. Something must have come together to bring about the formulas for time and space. That something could not possibly have been based on the concept of time and space for then it could not have created it in the first place, it has to have been something outside the realm of time and space. Voila. done.

Does it exist...off course not. Existence by a definition results from the base of time.

So it is a non - existential. That is what it must be...and that's all that's required to a said about it.

But if one considers that life has this inexplicable "spark",

The thing that somehow fires life up to be more then biological entities, that thing that expires when a doctor say; "Sorry there is nothing we can do, the point of no return is breached..."

This "spark" does not seem to be from this world yet it is here. It seems to exist in "life" yet it is not bound by biological or even natural rules. If it exist but we cannot feel it, sense it or experience it - then what is it, here does it come from, where does it "live"?

If there is FOR EACH LIFE an attached "other dimension" then it must be that whatever we are in this life "stays" attached to this "spark" that was part of us. And if this spark "BE" then it must mean the connection or the impact of that connection will ring in the essence of that spark for all "BE"

If this "spark" is "part" of every INDIVIDUAL LIFE then it perfectly explains the concept of it being the window to this reality.

Then I have to concede, an all accounts, the Bible true and undisputed, the concept of heaven and hell crystal clear in every sense of the word.

It is REALLY a perpetual condition "attained" from this "reality" and I do not believe it is an easy condition to contend with...perpetually.

A condition we humans inherited by virtue of our potential, our talents and capacities already demonstrated.


Must be an accident...coincidence mistake...DEMONstrated...can't be.

You think I am joking...or intending a "pun"?

This is what demonstrate means according to the dictionary:

Clearly show the existence or truth of (something) by giving proof or evidence".

How eerie is that.

There is still something big that bugs me...a gnawing feeling...a thought of something left un-tethered. A loose end flying about in the scope of things.

And it goes something like this:

If a couple of trillion living cells make up my body...then does each "spark" also co-exist to make the conscious.?

For I am under the impression that all cells also have life.

Or is this spark only limited to a complete "life form" such as us and our bodies?

No, there is something wrong here.

Either the spark idea is all hog wash or...

There never was an individual...there is no individualism in the context of what “IS”

The spark never was a special entity just for your life, for one cannot compare the spark to a entity in this reality or this world.

No, the spark just "IS"

But you do realise what this means...Wow...

There never was a you in the first place...its only an "all"

Oh gosh...Can it be that as our trillions of cells make up a body...so we could be part and parcel of a body...a body we call reality?

Or maybe the body is what we call the universe?

No, we are part of a body called "reality".

The so called universe or even cosmos is only the periscope for our brains to visualise life and existence. The place of the game, the platform for the performance.

Oh gosh.

Huhuh...I am stopping now.

If you want to see the bigger picture...get the book.


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